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How To Be A Morning Person

Mar 15, 2022 ByLaura Lee

If one of your New years’ resolutions is to get up and seize the day immediately after your alarm rings, we’re here to help achieve that. Unfortunately, this goal might be unrealistic as some people find it hard to get up in the morning. You may not be a morning person if you snooze your alarm clock, plead for five more minutes of sleep, and refuse to speak to anyone until you’ve had your first cup of coffee. But that’s all right! Here are some tips to hack your mornings and reduce the dragging of feet.

A trick to being active in the morning is to get enough quality sleep. When it comes to getting enough sleep the night before, it’s not just how much time you spend in bed that matters; it’s also how well you sleep.

Because humans are creatures of habit, it’s preferable to stick to a regular sleeping pattern. When you have a consistent sleep routine, whether you are an evening or morning person, it becomes easier to achieve the needed seven to nine hours of sleep every night and feels more refreshed during the day. In addition, sleeping in on weekends disrupts your circadian rhythm, so setting up a regular bedtime and waking up times and sticking to them is essential. Try waking up gradually. When we awake suddenly, we can experience sleep inertia, sometimes known as “sleep drunkenness,” which is the potentially unpleasant process of jolting from sleep to awareness. 

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One of the most effective strategies to become more of a morning person and alter your chronotype sooner is to expose yourself to intense light in the morning. If you can’t get outside, sit near a window or invest in a light therapy lamp that mimics natural sunlight.

Finally, including activities that make you joyful and invigorated in your morning routine may help you feel more inspired to get out of bed. These activities might include your favorite morning beverage, yoga, or a few minutes spent outside with your cherished pet.