How To Be A Romantic

Feb 15, 2022 ByClaire Miles

Romance is an essential factor needed in every relationship, as it creates a feeling of excitement and passion for many. It also makes partners feel desired and cherished by their partners. With Valentines’ day in close view and partners scrambling to give a heartstopping, romantic experience for their partners, here’s a reminder that romantic gestures don’t have to be over-the-top or extravagant to get your partner’s heart dancing. Romance should not also be a thing for valentines day only, but partners should try and show their partners romance in every small way. 

Here are some key ways to be romantic with your partner.

Romance is firstly about intentionality and thoughtfulness. Being intentional about your partner and their needs will give you ideas to make them happy. For example, is your partner having a presentation at work? Sending them a text wishing them good luck, or sending flowers to wish them luck will be sure to make their whole day, in addition to acing the presentation that is.

Romance makes partners feel wanted and cherished. Telling your partners how they make you feel is a way to get them blushing. Miss your partner? Send them a text. Want to kiss or hold your partner? Do that. It releases endorphins and leaves your partner feeling desired.

Happy couple having fun on the beach

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Gifting is another vital part of romance. These gifts don’t always have to be expensive, but they let your partner know you were thinking about them at that moment. See a piece of jewelry you think she’d like? Get it for her. Has she mentioned wanting a new scarf that you can afford? Get it on your way back from work.

Lastly, romance needs consistency. Showing your lover love and affection shouldn’t be seasonal but every day. Yes, there are days where some things may go wrong, but striving to show your partner how much you care should be standard behavior.