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How To Become A Smoothie Bowl Instagram Influencer

Mar 26, 2020 ByMarc Gordon

According to reports from Forbes magazine, millennials are over the traditional 9 to 5 workplace. Today, its more common for young people to balance multiple positions such as freelancing and self-employment. Forbes reported that millennials want three things: flexibility, purposeful labor, and economic security. It makes sense honestly. That’s why people are using social media to their advantage. For some people, being glued to their phones can really pay off! Instagram influencers team up with businesses to promote products or brands on their page. So if you have dreams of ditching your boring 9 to 5 desk job then maybe give Instagram a shot!

Chances are you’ve seen gorgeous smoothie bowls all over Instagram and wondered to yourself, “How do I make that?” Well, actually, you should be asking yourself, “How do I get paid to do that?!” Instagram foodie influencer Lily Kunin runs a healthy eating blog called Clean Food Dirty City. Basically, she knows exactly what it takes to become a paid Instagramer. Kunin told Self magazine that you want the consistency to be more like ice cream than a smoothie. If you have a thin base, the toppings will sink down making it impossible to Instagram! Kunin recommends fruits like frozen banana, mango, avocado, and zucchini. Now for toppings, Kunin says to match the base. So for a smoothie based of frozen berries then fresh berries on top is the best. Kunin told Self, “The fresh and frozen fruit complement each other really well.”

Now the tricky part (and maybe the most important): arranging the toppings. The goal is to make the smoothie bowl as aesthetically pleasing as possible to get those likes! There are tons of ways to decorate a bowl- literally endless ways. But Kunin said that she likes to keep it simple by spreading the toppings in even stripes. Nice, neat and clean. We like it. And apparently so do her followers! Another Instagram famous smoothie bowl influencer, Rachel Lorton, told Self that she built a 19,4000 person following by posting her art creations on social media. But the fact of the matter is that making Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls isn’t a full time job. Lorton said that the brand partnerships don’t give Lorton a steady enough income to rely on so she enjoys it part time. So what are you waiting for? Take these tips from the professionals and get snapping!