How to Choose Between Slides and Flip flops

May 26, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Are slides taking over flip-flops? If you love flip-flops, then the answer to this question might disappoint you. Based on shoe collections that have been launching for the past two years, we have observed that brands are selling slides and not flip-flops. Luxury and sportswear brands started with the trend of selling slides, followed by other brands. These brands realized an audience for slides and catered to them. Slides are the perfect pair to wear in all kinds of seasons, for example, winters or summers. In the past two years, brands have started selling slides in different materials, designs, and styles. Some brands have also copied each other by changing their designs slightly.

But you might be wondering about the reason for the change in the trends; the main reasons can be the discomfort people experience after wearing flip-flops for long hours and the impracticality of wearing flip-flops in cold weather. Flip flops tend to cause discomfort over the sole of the slipper and the foot itself as well if you wear them for long hours. They tend to leave a mark as well if you regularly wear them. However, there are still some luxury brands that continue to sell flip flops, for example, Tory Burch, and their sales have soared as well. Moreover, slides are still preferred over flip-flops in cold weather as they cover your feet more than flip-flops do. Due to the different styles of slides, there are several slides that are comfortable and stylish as well.

Close up of flip flops by swimming pool

Getty Images/DigitalVision/ Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd

Brands like Adidas and Gucci started selling as an experiment and to their surprise, this style was appreciated by their target audience. It can be said that the Adidas slides are a statement piece for teenagers. Slides have a thicker sole so they are considered good for the sole anyways regardless of the different designs or materials. However, flip-flops are still considered imperative if you have to go to the beach so they are a must-have as well.