How To Design Your Personal Balcony

Jun 22, 2023 ByClaire Miles

A lot of the apartments come with balconies that are part of the master bedroom. This adds a touch of privacy which is significantly missing in apartment buildings that were built earlier. People want a balcony where they don’t have to face another building; they would rather want a balcony with a view facing the water or the city itself. But if you have one, you should consider yourself lucky and read onward on how to design it in the most efficient way possible. Yes, these spaces require excessive cleaning but we wouldn’t mind the excessive cleaning if it comes with a good view.

Firstly, you need to decide if you want your balcony to have marble tiles or not. Ideally, it should be tiled as that eases the cleaning process significantly. You can get any type of tiles installed because your balcony will be exposed to the sunlight so it should have a higher quality. You wouldn’t want to get them tiled regularly so invest in tiles that have higher longevity. Secondly, please ensure that you don’t keep too much furniture on your balcony because if you ever have to change the setting of the place, it will be a hassle for you. It’s an open space and should act like one as well.

Beautiful plants in balcony

Getty Images/Moment/DuKai photographer

You can place two sofa chairs with a small table in between the two. This can act as a reading corner, relaxation corner, etc. Thirdly, you can place plants on the side or install hanging plants for some natural positivity in your space. Lastly, hang fairy lights on the balcony rail which can be lit up at night. If not fairy light, install a small light fixture that can bring light into that space at night. Personal balconies are an added benefit if you are getting a new apartment. It is solely your space and you can design it however you want to. Be creative with it and make the most of it.