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How To Grow Your Business With Social Media

Mar 24, 2022 ByClaire Miles

Getting potential customers to buy your product isn’t a straightforward process. In truth, before a buyer decides on a purchase, they go through different buying journeys and vendors before making their final decision. But, of course, certain factors affect this decision, one of which is social media influence. In 2020, influencer marketing reaches increased by 57%. That’s huge and shows the importance influencers have on business growth.

But finding the right social media influencer for your business can be tricky because not just anyone can sell your business. For influencer marketing to work, it has to be an extension of the influencer. Let’s take a food blogger who reviews restaurants and their overall services as an example here. Imagine a restaurant decides to use her service to market their new dishes available on the menu. Although she’s rendering an Ad, it doesn’t come off as an ad because it’s an extension of her brand. This effect is crucial to successful influencer marketing, tapping into the influencer community that trusts the said influencer. So how do you find the right influencer for your brand?

For starters, you could run a Google search using the following keywords [your niche/industry] experts”, “[your niche/industry] influencers,” “[your niche/industry] speakers, or “[your niche/industry bloggers].” A quick Google search for specialists and influencers can often turn up many people in your area, allowing you to find various possible partners in one search. In addition, when you tag your searches with your location, you can be confident you’re finding influencers who are more inclined to work with you and better suited to handling local challenges.

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Another way is to use Instagram hashtags to find people mentioning or using your product. Searching for your niche, product, and competitor can also be beneficial because it can reveal what your target audience is looking for, and other blogs and content creators create similar content. Using hashtag searches can help you find social media profiles that you wouldn’t find with a standard Google search and identify the types of people you’re seeking to contact.