How To Navigate Landscaping

Jan 02, 2023 ByAndrew Parker

You might have heard the saying “Beauty is not what’s on the outside, but the inside that counts”. Well, this expression does not apply to creating a beautiful home. While the interior plays a big role in the aesthetics, so does the outside. It might be tricky to navigate the process of landscaping, but it is well worth the effort.

When embarking on landscaping, it is important to keep a few fundamental principles in mind. Don’t confuse it with gardening, which involves maintaining flowers and plants. Landscaping on the other hand focuses on designing and cultivating a piece of land in its entirety. Keep your vision in mind – what are you looking for? Whether you are looking for a place to play and run around it, a serene spot for reading, or pops of color throughout, it is critical to plan landscaping accordingly. Make a comprehensive list for your needs and vision, sketching out rough designs if possible before execution.

Think about different factors that could enable you to better utilize the space you’ve been given. Study sun and wind variations – you may desire a patio on a particular side of your house but if it is extremely sunny in that area, it will be difficult to spend time there. Wind could quickly extinguish a fire pit as well. Understand how water flows through the garden to best plant greenery. Additionally, it’s important to account for design elements of color, texture, and form. Colors play a huge role in setting the mood for anyone seeing the house, with warm shades like yellow and red creating excitement while cool tones such as blue and green create a more calming vibe. Create contrast through textures as well, bringing in varieties such as pavements or water features. All these features can be incorporated by yourself (DIY) or by hiring a landscape company. They would help in planning, setting budgets, and giving a fresh set of eyes to elevate your vision to another level.