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How To Never Be Lonely When Traveling Solo

Apr 13, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

Although very important for self-discovery and development, traveling solo can be a pretty bold move for many.  Especially so for those with a more introverted personality.  It can be pretty scary to set off on a long trip without knowing who you will meet and how you will make friends. But those who have traveled solo for enough time can tell you that traveling alone is, in fact, the best and easiest way to meet new people.  Connections happen very naturally if you put yourself in the right environment with like-minded people, and you will quickly realize that you only have to be alone when you want to.

Two tourists enjoy a Spritz (a powerful mixture of white wine, Campari and soda water) in front of a traditiona bacaro on June 17, 2011 in Venice, Italy.

Getty Images/News/Marco Secchi

Use social media. We are living in the 21st-century people! This means that everything today revolves around social media. Internet friends can, in fact, be real friends. There are tons of Facebook groups for travelers from around the world to connect. You might even notice that one of your Instagram followers is in the same city as you, and since you’ve been following each other for years, you probably already know everything about one another.  Instant besties. Make the most of hostels. Hostels are the ultimate solo traveler place to be.  There you will find yourself even overwhelmed with other young travelers who have a similar mindset as you, which is most likely to explore, to enjoy, and to connect.  Many hostels offer free pub crawls and walking tours that make getting to know new people even easier.

Join a tour. The absolute first thing you should do when visiting a new city sign up for a day tour. It’s the perfect way to get out there, see the city and meet other travelers. Once you feel more comfortable, you can arrange your own day plan with a new friend. Connect with the locals! The best way to experience a city is to connect with those that live there.  People are commonly proud of their hometown and will be delighted to share the city secrets with you.  Couch-surfing or staying in an Airbnb is also a great way to connect with the locals and make new connections.