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How To Pack Light

Aug 23, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

A great vacation begins with packing, and one should remember to pack smarter and not harder. Here are a few tips to prevent unnecessary packing. Jewelry and valuables are unnecessary items to be carrying around. Tourists are an easy target for thieves, so keep a low profile while traveling and if you must take a few pieces of jewelry or valuables with you, make sure to put them in a safe compartment or a small bag close to you all the time. And if you can’t imagine losing your jewelry or valuables, leave them at home.

You may be tempted to carry a few books with you, but know that books are heavy and take up a lot of space. Instead of carrying a complete guidebook, copy the pages and information you know you will need. Make use of your smartphones in case you need a translator or information on your way. There is no need to pack all your beauty and hair product while traveling. They might look a little while packing but will ultimately weigh more than they are worth. Most hotels offer soaps, lotions, shampoo, and conditioners. And avoid packing extra toiletries; you can take a sample of your primary toiletries and medicines at the start of your trip and replenish them as you go.

Also, packing too many gadgets are unnecessary as your smartphone can do all the work. Unless you need to use them while on the road for work, extra gadgets like laptops, iPad, etc., should be left at home. Unless you are mountaineering or hiking, you might need extra footwear. But if not, you can do it with two pairs of shoes. You can pick sneakers or causal shoes that are decent enough to match any clothing. Lastly, avoid packing too many clothes. You can pack a few t-shirts, a cardigan or sweater in case of cold and a pair of pants/shorts/skirts.