How To Plan An Affordable Wedding

Jun 19, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Planning a wedding is always stressful, especially during a global financial crisis, with inflation rates rising exponentially. However, the financial aspect must not distract you from the fact that your wedding is one of the most beautiful and wondrous days of your life, and you must always approach it so. This does not mean that you use this as an excuse to waste money on a ceremony that only lasts a few hours. Instead, the sensible tactic would be to budget and enjoy yourself on the wedding day, and then invest in the future you have to build together with your significant other. So here are a few tips to keep your wedding affordable.

Plan and honor your budget – Decide your weddings budget beforehand, as that would give you an advantage while negotiating and selecting services and vendors. Also, decide the maximum amount you are willing and able to spend on various things. Ask your family and friends to help you stick to your budget throughout the wedding planning.

Book your venue as soon as possible – finding a venue at the last minute is an extreme hassle and also very expensive, as venues charge more on closing dates. Another tip is to book during the weekday in order to receive a better financial deal than booking on the weekend. Weekday weddings are also attended by fewer people, which reduces costs in many other areas as well. Another tip regarding the venue is to choose an unconventional venue, like your backyard, a garden, or a lakeside, as these would cost less than wedding halls.

Midsection of woman in flower shop at work, talking to bride to be about wedding flower arrangemet.

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Hire your friends – or local groups for your wedding photography and music. They will be more responsive, available, flexible, and passionate as compared to extremely expensive professional wedding photographers and DJs. This will be a lighter load on your pocket, and will also make you feel more comfortable as you will be surrounded by friends.