How To Rekindle A Dying Friendship

Jan 31, 2022 ByLaura Lee

Platonic friendships, like relationships, need work. They are like plants and need deliberate watering and nurturing to grow. Dates nights out are one of the common ways to meet your best girlies, have a good time, and catch up on the various things happening in your lives. But what happens when life becomes so busy and schedules clash so that these dates are no longer forthcoming, and you feel your bond pulling apart? Thankfully, there are ways to handle this. Try these tips and get you and your besties chatting about everything and anything once again:

Send A Note 

Who doesn’t like a note? Notes are cute, especially when they’re not bills. So please send a letter to your girls, reminding them of the last crazy time you had together. Your girls will most likely spend the afternoon reminiscing and having laughs about the great times you spent together and might start planning for another.

Ask After The Things They Care About In Their Lives

Friendships are not only for the laughs and good times but for the not-so-wonderful times too. Sometimes, your friends may be going through rough patches in their career, family, or relationships, which might be the cause of their drawing away. Asking them about essential areas can make them open up about these areas, and you can offer help in those areas where possible. In addition, this gesture helps cultivate a loving relationship, as friends feel cared for and seen. 

Portrait of happy woman embracing girls at home

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Plan A Trip

Nothing packs a lot of memories than fun trips. So plan a weekend trip with your girls and involve many fun activities like camping and hiking. Also, include relaxing activities like spa times and shopping to get your girls to relax and open up to discuss areas you’ve missed out on in their lives. 

Healthy friendships make life worth living and fun. So, pick up the phone today and call that friend.