How to Use a Travel Pillow

Oct 19, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Travel pillows support the neck or body so you can sleep comfortably, even during cramped and uncomfortable flights. Travel pillows help prevent neck strain and might even prevent you from accidentally spilling on the passenger next to you. Here is a guide to using a travel pillow. Travel pillows do not usually come in different sizes, so the only way to know if they are comfortable is to try them before buying them. You should be able to relax your head on it without having to bend your neck uncomfortably, and the material does not clamp or rub against your neck. If your travel pillow is inflatable, inflate it when necessary. Inflatable pillows save space when traveling. Noninflatable pillows are typically filled with foams or microbeads.

Some travel pillows are made of plastic and may not have a very comfortable surface. Use thin, soft clothing such as a shirt or light scarf to cover the pillow and make it more comfortable. You can also purchase a removable cover for your pillow. Just make sure it fits your pillow before buying it. Travel pillows support the head when you fall backward or sideways. The position may be comfortable if your back is slightly arched. Lean back gently into your seat and be careful not to move your seat quickly or too far toward the passengers behind you until you can sit comfortably.

Travel pillows are mostly U-shaped and fit around the neck with an opening above the neck. Some have straps that go through the holes to hold them in place. U-shaped travel pillows can be turned to support the chin when the head falls forward. If you have one that fits your shoulders, try alternating shoulders to find a comfortable position. For pillows that are not U-shaped, they can still be placed between the shoulders and head, but they limit the direction you can lay your head.