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Instagram Travel Accounts To Inspire Your Wanderlust Dreams

Apr 27, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

It hurts our travel-lusting hearts to face the facts: no one is going to be traveling for a while. Coronavirus stay-at-home orders and worldwide lockdown have changed virtually every aspect of human life. From the way we work our normal 9 to 5 to the way we work out, life is different. And for anyone who had big summer travel plans, the disappointment and longing for normalcy is real. Most likely your days are spent staring at your refrigerator, scrolling through Instagram, and trying to keep busy. We have a suggestion for those of you who are scrolling through Instagram a little bit more than normal recently (and by a little bit we mean a lot). So even though we can’t get our toes in the sand just yet, these Instagram accounts will brighten up your feed.

Amanda Burrill — 12k followers

You’re definitely going to be sucked into Amanda Burrill’s AmandaUncharted profile immediately. Burrill is basically the coolest. After the Navy, she trained as a chef and set out around the world looking for adventure. Her feed is the perfect mix of food and adventure so it has something for everybody.

Josh Campbell – 16.2k Followers

Basically, Josh Campbell and his partner Zoë Isabella are living their best life. Campbell’s posts highlight the outdoors and adventures he has while working around the world. And even when he isn’t jet-setting all around the world, the photos of him romping through his home grounds of Utah are also gorgeous.

Marlina Moreno — 20.4k followers

Marlina Moreno has one of the coolest Instagram feeds we’ve ever seen. As her bio states, Moreno is a conversation biologist, storyteller, and explorer of all things wild, and boy does her feed deliver on all those things. She focuses on animal conservation around the world while highlighting the beauty of remote places in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Annette Richmond – 34k Followers

Annette Richmond is a trendsetter and absolute queen! Richmond created the successful #FatGirlsTraveling movement and created a space where women of every size can live their travel dreams. The outdoors, adventure, and female-empowerment? Hello, perfection!