Instagram Now Lets You Archive Your Pictures

Instagram Now Lets You Archive Your Pictures

By Brittney Anderson - August 5, 2018

Many of us, while looking through our Instagram grid, stumble upon some pictures that we seriously regret having posted, and we would like to keep them away from the public.


Especially all those old selfies we took when Instagram first came out back in the day and we didn’t fully understand what the concept was.


Well, thankfully, Instagram now has a button that will help you get rid of them from your grid, without fulling deleting the photo. It’s known as the Archive button, and serves as a complete game changer. If you’re trying to create a brand for yourself on the platform, this button is everything you need.


It can be hard to fully delete old pictures that provide us with some hilarious nostalgia. The Archive button allows you to save deleted photos from your grid with even the filter included.


Just press the button at the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and choose the Archive option and you’re set. You even have the option of making the picture that you archived to show up again!





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