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Instagrammable Places To Visit

Nov 14, 2021 ByLaura Lee

With travel in some parts of the world picking up again, people are eager to get going. Whether you’re ready to jet off or waiting till things feel safer, here are a few Insta-worthy places that are just waiting for you to visit and take some snaps.

Burano Island, Venice, Italy

Sitting in the Venetian lagoon, this fisherman’s island has a bouncy, cheerful feeling. Maybe it’s because it carries some of the magic from Venice, with a system of canals and bridges running through. But what makes Burano so unique are the brightly painted, colorful houses. To ensure they still pop, the homes are repainted every two years, and residents need permission from the local community government first.

Golden Bridge - Sunworld Ba Na Hills At Da Nang, Vietnam

GettyImages/Noemi Santucci/EyeEm

Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

The Golden Bridge is just one of many gems in the Ba Na Hills resort, situated near Da Nang, Vietnam. First opened in June 2018, The golden pedestrian bridge spans 150 meters, and has two giant stone-looking hands that appear to be holding and supporting the structure. The bridge connects the gardens to the cable car station, which at an impressive length of 5801 meters, holds the record for the ‘longest non-stop single-track cable car’.

Chefchaouen, Morocco,

Hidden in Morocco’s Rif mountains is a town all painted in blue. It provides a calming contrast to the overwhelming chaos in the bigger cities like Fez and Marrakech. Not painted temporarily for a celebration, the blue color remains there permanently while no one knows the true reason why. Theories range from being a mosquito repellent to it reflecting the color of the sky.

Suzume-no Oyado Ryokuchi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Approximately 20 minutes from the bustling Shibuya Station in Tokyo, lies this breathtaking bamboo forest. One of Tokyo’s most impressive bamboo forests, the grove was planted here over 200 years ago. As you stroll through and absorb their magnificent height, why not take a small visit to the classic refurbished Japanese home in the same park that is also open to tourists.