Italy Travel Guide

Oct 27, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Italy is a modern country with a long history, and it is best known as a famous tourist destination for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and ancient architecture. Italy’s capital city, Rome, holds the crown for the highest average annual income in the world. Here are a few places to tour in Italy.

When we talk about Italian cities, we think of Rome, Milan, and Naples. Of the three, Milan is considered the richest due to its economy and position in commerce. While it doesn’t quite match the heights of its neighboring cities, Milan still boasts things that make it unique. One of these is its art museum. Also, thanks to its location, Milan is home to several cultural institutions that attract tourists. As you can imagine, shopping makes Milan even more affluent, especially in fashion. What sets it apart is the quality of its products. Genoa sits along the coast of western Europe and is famous for its historical past. Although much of the land is consumed by the sea, the remaining region is now dotted with stunning structures. Among them are various museums that showcase the city’s fantastic architecture. Despite having less than half the population of Milan, Genoa attracts visitors by offering multiple entertainment options. Whether travelers enjoy hiking, walking, horse riding, swimming, biking, or simply relaxing, they get to explore nature full of charm.

Located in central Tuscany, Pisa is known for its rich history and quaint little corners. Tourists flock here because of the old churches, bell towers, and museums. The area spanning six kilometers draws locals and tourists alike. One can easily walk around the streets all year round and admire the brightly painted medieval homes. Many great artists and writers have portrayed Venice throughout history. Famous names like Shakespeare and Goethe have immortalized Venice in their works. Today, despite being a remarkably industrialized city, it retains its rich history and unique atmosphere. With over 300 islands, canals, and bridges, seeing the whole town takes days.