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Kate Hudson Just Launched A Beauty Company

Aug 27, 2020 ByClaire Miles

Apart from being an incredible actress and entrepreneur, Kate Hudson is very passionate about health and wellness. In 2013, she co-founded activewear subscription service Fabletics, which has since amassed a loyal membership following. Her latest project has been two years in the making. The 41-year-old star has created a company called InBloom, a new beauty supplement brand. “This brand of supplements is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” Hudson explained excitedly in a recent Zoom interview from inside her scenic mountain home in Aspen, Colorado, as she introduced InBloom for the first time. “I’ve always hated taking pills, so I knew I wanted to create a powder without synthetic additives, using only premium ingredients. Especially right now, it feels more important to give our bodies vitamins for optimum health and immunity.”

The line includes five different powders — Essential Elements, Beauty Aura, Brain Flow, Energy Shift, and Dream Sleep — each made with 100% plant-derived, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients housed in minimalist white glass containers. “I wanted InBloom to feel like a better way to approach daily multivitamins,” Hudson said. “For example, I created our hero product, the Essential Elements, as a premium-sourced supplement for everyone. It’s multivitamins and greens, all derived from real plants. You can throw it in a smoothie, and the packaging is eco-friendly, with cute glass containers that are fully recyclable.”

Actress Kate Hudson attends "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" Premiere And Opening Ceremony during the 69th Venice International Film Festival at Palazzo del Cinema

Getty Images/Entertainment/Gareth Cattermole

For Hudson, the biggest challenge in the formulation was creating nutritional powders using only whole-food ingredients and herbs- no sugars or lab-synthesized additives- without sacrificing taste. “You remember Crystal Light?” Hudson asks. “That’s kind of what I wanted our Energy Shift supplement to taste like, minus all the questionable chemicals, and that’s what it is, poured over ice like a delicious citrus matcha iced tea. The Brain Flow is the other winner in my house — it’s a cocoa flavor. I make it for my teenager, like a hot chocolate with almond milk, and he has no idea that he’s doing something that’s incredibly good for his brain.”

“My skin-care philosophy is simple: Good skin starts with sleep and water,” she said. “If you’re stressed and you’re not sleeping, your cortisol levels rise, your hormones are all over the place, and that’s terrible for your skin and health in general; there’s no moisturizer on the market that’s going to fix it. However, nutritional supplements can help your body build up an immune response, improve your overall gut function, and support your body’s functioning capabilities, which will only be beneficial for your skin.” She continued, “Right now, we need to be kind to ourselves,” Hudson said. “Wellness is a huge part of our mental health. There’s so much happening in the world, it helps to maintain healthy patterns where we can. I think it starts with how you live and what you give your body.”