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Kim Kardashian Attends 'Donda' Listening Party In A Wedding Dress

Aug 20, 2021 ByRebecca Rodriguez

Kim Kardashian West featured as a part of Kanye West’s latest listening party, appearing in the stadium wearing a white Balenciaga gown that appeared very much like a wedding dress. West and the Kardashian are still in the midst of a very public divorce and say that this is no indication of them getting back together. The appearance of Kim seems to be another stunt in a steady stream of controversial and headline-grabbing features that have made West’s listening parties one of the most talked-about news items even in today’s news saturated world.

Kanye West Spotlight

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Kanye West has been teasing the release of his tenth studio album, ‘Donda’, for what feels like months now. Initially, the marketing campaign had promised a release date in July which was missed. After the release didn’t drop on the promised date, Kanye began posting cryptic pictures to his Twitter, implying that he’d be living in the Atlanta stadium until the album was finished up to his standards. This was then followed by the later announcement that he would be hosting a listening party for the album. That listening party was followed by another with still no actual release date in sight but with continued hype building around the artist’s latest release. This now is the third listening party held.

Some say that this has all been a marketing ploy by the artist to drum up interest around himself and his album and may even be a precursor for another presidential bid by the rapper. If that is the case then West is indisputably one of the greatest marketing minds of all time, completely changing the game around how and why to market a product, blending cultural and personal references, performance art, and the mainstream media into one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever conducted.