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Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Over New Swimwear Line

Oct 01, 2021 ByLaura Lee

Kylie, a member of the world’s most famous family and make-up mogul, has now released a new line of swimwear – Kylie Swim. Unfortunately for the reality TV star and fashion entrepreneur the latest addition to her portfolio has been met with disappointing reviews and harsh criticisms over quality. The line of swimwear has been anticipated since August, where it was initially teased on Instagram through a Polaroid of Kylie in one of her new bathing suits.

In early September the bathing suit business went live with their collection consisting of 6 unique bathing suits, 3 children’s bathing suits, and an assortment of sarongs. The bikinis begin at  $45 and go up to $85. Most of the online store has already been sold out.

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On release, the returning reviews were not kind to Kylie Swim, with many online reviewers, primarily on TikTok, who saw the bathing suits as not meeting their expectations. Of concern was the quality of the clothing items and the fact that the swimsuits seemed to be lining-less. Nevertheless, the reviews were not completely negative, with many praising the designs of the items in terms of style. However, when it came to providing sufficient cover for the more sensitive parts of the body, the swimsuits seemed to be lacking in that department too.

“I’m confused how I wear this in public confidently where everyone can see every square inch of my body,” one reviewer said. “I’m completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through,” she adds. “The fact that no one caught that this is completely see-through blows my mind. I’m sure they did because they had to Photoshop some of their photos to make this work.”

Kylie has a further new brand launching, Kylie Baby, which will be focused on creating items for moms and their babies. We can only hope that the reality star learnt her lesson when it comes to adequate quality control.