Ladies, Don’t Send A Guy To Buy Your Leggings

Ladies, Don’t Send A Guy To Buy Your Leggings

By Jessica Kim - March 1, 2018


Purchasing a new pair of leggings is a relatively simple, autonomous task – for women, at least. Sure, there are a variety of styles, fabrics, and designs to choose from, but for a woman, she generally knows what she’s looking for and the process doesn’t require very much time or thought.


So, you can imagine one woman’s surprise when she sent her boyfriend to the store to purchase her a new pair of leggings, and the poor soul realized very quickly that he was in WAY over his head. He immediately got lost in the vortex of ankle length verses calf length, nylon fabric verses cotton, and so on.


Luckily the entire nightmare scenario was captured via text message, and then posted to Twitter for us all to enjoy… er… to warn our own male friends about daunting task that is purchasing a new pair of simple black leggings.


Taylor, the woman hoping to obtain a new pair of leggings, and Tim, the man she sent on the alleged leggings quest, both didn’t think too much of the situation when Taylor causally texted Tim asking if he could do her this one small favor. She then put her phone down, went back to work, and assumed everything would be fine.



Upon arrival to the leggings section of the store, Tim innocently sent a message to Taylor saying, “There’s so many types of leggings. Why? For what reason?” He then became enthralled by the entire process, letting Taylor know “This is incredible.”


Things took a turn for the worst when Tim allegedly lost all hope. His messages became desperate and disillusioned. While we don’t know much more about the conversation, Taylor has confirmed on Twitter that Tim did, in fact, manage to come home with a new pair of leggings that were well received by all involved.


As for Tim, well, he may need your thoughts and prayers.



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