These Life Hacks Will Make Adulting A Little Bit Easier

Feb 27, 2020 ByMarc Gordon

We’ve all had those unexpected moments when we’re faced with a tough challenge- especially when trying to adult- and have no choice but to think outside of the box and get creative.¬† Whatever it may, it tends to be quite the scene and one that deserves to be documented and shared with the rest of the internet. The truth is that being an “adult” is pretty much a lie. Despite the cultural thinking that turning 18 years old makes you all grown up, we all know that honestly “having it together” is a life-long process. It just is the truth about life. Come on, admit it, every Halloween you’re totally bummed out you can’t go trick-or-treat. You still eat cereal for dinner¬†and straight out of the box with your hands. It’s okay, we all do it. Though it’s really okay to be doing and thinking like a kid (it’s actually amazing and never stop), there are some tips and tricks to help get your life together just a little bit more. Let’s dive right into some of the adulthood hacks that have been tested and proven by real people!

Blonde hair woman hiding her face behind a clear umbrella standing casually against a brick wall

Via Reshot

So this one might seem weird to start off with but we feel like it’s super relatable. Raise your hand if you forget an umbrella each and every single time you walk out the front door. And then on days you remember to carry an umbrella, it doesn’t rain. Life. So we recommend going to the convenience store and buying five umbrellas. They don’t need to be expensive or even pretty. Five might seem excessive but hear us out. Put one by your front door, the second one in your car, the third in your bag, the fourth at work, and keep the fifth in your hallway closet because there is a very good chance you’ll lose at least one umbrella on the bus or a restaurant.

The next piece of advice we have is one that will probably make you groan: make your bed in the morning. Think of one person in your life you know who makes their bed in the morning. Now ask yourself if that person has their act together? Yeah, there is a very good chance they are a real-life adult. So why does a chore that takes maybe 30 seconds seem so annoying? Who knows, but seriously, it’ll make you feel good to see a nice clean bed. Also, don’t forget to change your bedsheets at least every two weeks. Dirt sheets can make your skin break out and even get your allergies to act up.