Low-Rise Jeans

Jul 12, 2023 ByClaire Miles

When we see the words ‘casual’ and ‘informal’, the first outfit that pops into our head includes a good pair of well-fitting jeans. No matter what we pair it with, a tanktop and a flannel, a t-shirt, or a hoodie, we’re very likely to keep that essential pair of jeans in the outfit. However, jeans differ in terms of their material, their color, and their style, so opinions vary across the board when it comes to what the best pair of jeans is. Recently, an increase in low rise jeans has been seen in all fashion spheres, leading to a debate on their usability.

For many women, low rise jeans, while not aesthetically flawed, seem to be an impractical choice. Their loose, comfortable fit can seem attractive at first, but many don’t consider it to be flattering on those who aren’t of a slim physique. While not everyone cares about the attraction factor, they still find that the jeans always feel close to sliding off, or showing something inappropriate, which is why they stay away from this style.

Woman standing with hands in pockets

Getty Images/ PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/ esthAlto/Axel Ley

On the other hand, many women are in support of their growing popularity. This is in large part due to the accompanying rise in early 2000s fashion trends. Outfits included a pair of low rise flared jeans along with a top that had a slightly low neckline, and which tightened around the waist. This created a sort of hour-glass figure which has been infamously sought after, especially in recent years. The outfit could also consist of a pair of loose-fitting jeans that could be styled with a loose oversized hoodie, or a slightly baggy jersey. Accessories could be chosen accordingly by the person, but all-in-all, low rise jeans can easily be styled according to different types of trends and tastes, making them widely-loved.