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Magnolia Bakery Finally Releases Its Famous Banana Pudding Recipe

Jul 17, 2021 ByLaura Lee

Magnolia Bakery was made famous by the sensation that Sex and the City was a location where the characters of the show would meet collect to discuss their latest misadventures and eat delicious-looking cupcakes. 10 years later and Magnolia Bakery is still going strong on that New York City corner thanks to its incredible baked goods and atmosphere. While the spot gained attention due to its being used as a location on the hit TV series, it has since earned its own reputation as a destination for the best banana pudding in all of New York.

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding Costumes

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The banana pudding is known for its delicious light fluffiness and its fruity flavored goodness. The owners of the bakery have now rewarded their customers and those unfortunate enough to not have tasted the excellent dessert by making the recipe for their signature treat readily available for all those wanting to make their banana pudding at home. The no-bake recipe is surprisingly simple and easy; all that is required are ripe bananas, a box of vanilla wafers, heavy cream, instant vanilla pudding mix, condensed milk, and just some cold water.

First, whisk the condensed milk and water together. Slowly add the instant vanilla pudding mix and keep whisking so that the mixture is smooth and lumpless. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for about an hour. Now that your vanilla pudding is ready you can add the heavy cream and whisk until peaks begin to form. Place roughly a quarter of the mixture in the bottom of the serving bowl and cover it with the vanilla wafers and some ripe banana slices – repeat.

If this whole procedure seems like a bit much to you Magnolia Bakery also sells a quick and easy at-home baking kit that simplifies the process even more. According to Insider the kit retails for about $30 and contains all the necessary ingredients for a quick and easy fix.