Making Games Night Fun Again

Mar 19, 2022 ByMarc Gordon

Are you unsure where to start when arranging your gaming night? Whether you’re looking for some fantastic game night ideas or some helpful hints on how to throw the perfect party, we’ve got you covered! The ultimate goal should always be to have a good time and get to know one another better. Game nights are great for bonding and are mighty fun. Here are some of our favorite game night ideas!

Charades are a classic choice for a fun game night. In a single word, what does it sound like? Get creative in your ideal positions and try to guess the movie, TV show, personality, or location you’re acting out before the timer runs out! You can buy game cards or have participants come up with the titles of their favorite shows.

Are you planning a couple’s game night? The not-so-newly-wed game is a simple question-and-answer game that allows you to get to know each couple and see how well they know each other. To test if they recall the details, ask them simple questions like “where did you go on your first date?” They can also be a little more contentious, like “who is the better cook?” It may be rather amusing to see who recalls all of the minor details and whether or not they agree on the more contentious issues!

High angle view of smiling teenager giving nacho chips to family during sporting event


Purchase a life-size Jenga game that the entire family will enjoy. To stack the hardwood blocks, choose a strong table and take turns slowly plucking pieces from the bottom of the stack and placing them on top of the pile without toppling it over.

Take inspiration from Food Network and call out the chefs in the house. It’s time for a food battle royale. Select four items that the other team or an individual must use to prepare a trademark cuisine in under 30 minutes using what you have in your kitchen. To choose the winner, judges might assign points for presentation, taste, and inventiveness.