Man Goes To Prison While Trying To Satisfy Girlfriend

Man Goes To Prison While Trying To Satisfy Girlfriend

By - August 23, 2018

Zhang Xiaoen, a Chinese man is now facing prison time after he borrowed a seriously hefty amount of money (tens of millions of dollars) in order to meet the desires and needs of his stunning, yet manipulative girlfriend.


Zhang is the son of a highly successful businessman and grew up with luxury, and was given everything he asked for.  But even his family’s fortune was not sufficient when it came to what his girlfriend, Yang Yizhen’s requests.


They’ve been together for two years, and she’s an online influencer and a freelance model.  Yizhen is apparently the light in her boyfriend’s eyes, and he has done everything possible to make sure that she is happy.


To keep up with her, Zhang squandered $10.5 million of his father’s company money and then started to borrow money from his friends so that he could gamble and win the money back. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and he ended up loosing another $25.4 million of the money that was lent to him. Unable to pay back what he owed, he was arrested.


Zhang was charged with fraud, and although he admitted to poor management of his fiances, he also blamed his girlfriend for getting him to the point.


His high-maintenance girlfriend left him and also has been working with prosecutors to build the case against him.  She’s also started to post pictures of herself with other men.


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