Man's Best Friends

Feb 06, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Imagine getting home after a long day, and your favorite pet greets you at the door with an eager look at your door and proceeds to snuggle up to you. This gesture releases dopamine which can help relieve stress and improve moods, hence the primary reason people keep pets.

Does this make you want to get a pet? I bet. Pets can be cute and generally makes living better, so why not? Now you’re not a dog person but would like a fiercely loyal pet; what pet should you get? This article runs down some of the world’s most faithful pets.


There’s a common saying that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners and will try and find their way back to their owners if they get lost. In addition, dogs help keep loneliness at bay and are playful creatures who won’t mind cuddling and sneaking up to you when you’re home.


Ducks occupy the second position on our list. Ducks are said to be a mixture of puppies and little children. They are social creatures, take family very seriously, and love doing fun outdoor activities with kids.


The parrot is a fun pet to have around. Apart from a parrots’ great mimicking ability, parrots are intelligent and loyal to their owners. They’re also funny and can get laughs out of you after a weary day.

Adorable little Asian girl playing with cat on the sofa at home, enjoying the company of having a pet and learning the responsibility of animal care



Another of man’s best friends, cats, are more independent and antisocial than dogs and value their alone time most of the day. Cats make great cuddlers, though, and can snuggle up to you at any time. 


Although not on most people’s lists, rats make great pets. They’re entertaining to play with and can be creative in exploring their environment. They also don’t need much space to domesticate them and are cheap to maintain.