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Mark Consuelos And Kelly Ripa Prove They're The Cutest Couple On The Internet

Oct 03, 2021 ByDaniel Godley

October 2nd marks the birthday of one of TV’s most beloved longtime hosts, Kelly Ripa. Ripa is the host of Live! With Kelly And Ryan and has enjoyed success with the show but lately Ripa has found a new online audience with the internet falling in love with her romance with her husband and partner Mark Consuelos. In the latest viral post, Consuelos showed off his affection for Ripa on Instagram with a loving album. Consuelos, who has found fame from his role on Riverdale at 50, wished his partner a happy birthday with a collection of photographs from a recent beachside holiday.

Consuelos Ripa

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“Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, confidant,” Consuelos wrote as the caption to the beachside pics. “My dance partner in life… My forever girl.” Consuelos continued, “For all the important days we’ve missed being together over many years, I’m so grateful to spend this special day with you. I love you, Happy Birthday amore’, M.”

The collection of 4 photographs were of the couple, married in 1996, all dressed up for a day on the beach. Ripa responded with her own addition to the couple’s reminiscent photos, commenting: “Husband of the year. Year after year. Father of the year. Year after year. Friend of the year. Year after year. Partner of the year. Year after year. You are simply the best. I love you with my heart and soul, and that’s not just the afterglow talking.”

The first viral images of the pair came in July, when Ripa posted herself and Consuelos in swimsuits, with the “Riverdale” actor stealing a good look at her behind with the caption “When the end is in sight……”

Consuelos got the longtime Live! With Kelly And Ryan host’s birthday started early on Friday, surprising Ripa on set during his frequent spot as a guest co-host of Ripa’s show.