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Matild Palace In Budapest Has Converted Into A Hotel

Jul 15, 2021 ByClaire Miles

The Matild Palace has long been a place of great pride for the residents of Budapest, an eye-catching and celebrated landmark in the heart of the city. Much to the joy of the traveling elite and partygoers of the upper echelon it has now been converted into a luxury hotel and contains an exclusive rooftop bar. The palace is 120 years old, built in the Belle Epoch (beautiful time) period of Europe prior to the First World War but has been recently renovated to update the Hungarian playground of the rich so that it is compatible with the highest standards of the modern world.

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GettyImages/Attila Kisbenedek/AFP

The hotel sports many different rooms at different prices, the cheapest of which is $1,066.00 a night. The crown jewel of the establishment, if you’ll excuse the pun, is the Royal Suite located on the third floor. This suite contains a master bedroom, bathroom, living room, and separate study room so that you can continue to afford the monumental price tag of $7,645.00 per night.

The hotel’s less luxurious but still opulent rooms also include the Loft Room, which can be booked for $1,126.00 per night and includes incredible views over the entire city as it sits on the top floor of the landmark hotel. The room is a blend of contemporary and vintage architecture and decor, according to the hotel’s informational brochure this was done as a nod to Princess Matild’s circle of artist friends.

The hotel bar is also a stunning addition to the building with incredible rooftop views and a liquor collection containing all the must-haves that any decent world-class cocktail bar would be expected to house. Though built with the atmosphere of a speak-easy in mind, the bar will be accessible to the public with a separate entrance for those who are also not guests of the hotel.