Photos That Are Giving Us Some Serious Nostalgia
By Laura Lee - Nov 09, 2020

If we’ve learned one thing, it’s this: life passes us by so fast! Time truly stops for no one, so better enjoy the moment while it lasts. Luckily though, we can always relive the past by looking through our old photos. From sticker albums to school pizza day, here are some of the most nostalgia-inducing photos ever that people shared, and it’s truly the perfect throwback to the good old days.

“The toxic smell and taste of plastic balloons.”

Ok, in all honesty, we probably wouldn’t give this stuff to our own kids, now that we know how many chemicals go into it. But you know what, that was just part of the ’90s experience! We feel seriously lucky to have grown up blowing these neon pink balloons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.