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Museums Across Germany's Capital

Jul 16, 2022 ByClaire Miles

For many individuals, Berlin is many different things. As inquisitive tourists swarm to the German city in quest of recognizable landmarks and exciting nightlife, it is frequently all the activities to all the people. The nation’s capital of Germany is a mecca for restaurateurs and hedonists alike, and its museums serve as a cultural and intellectual haven. Berlin is just as contagious as its reputation would indicate, if not more so.

Everyone knows about Hamburg Bahnhof, Berlin’s premier museum of modern art. The institution’s name comes from the former Berlin-Hamburg rail station, and the majestic echoes can still be experienced in the spacious halls beneath the tall ceilings. Occasional and traveling exhibits complement a rich selection of Beuys, Twombly, and Warhol pieces by up-and-coming artists and well-known figures. The museum’s location and the top-notch collection of artworks should not be missed.

The Design Panoptikum recalls future concepts derived from the past amid the quiet lanes of the burgeoning neighborhood Moabit. Half of the collection consists of designer furniture, and the other half comprises hideous sketches that were abandoned. View a display of mid-industrial marvels, including space-age lights and prototypes of cyborg mannequins. On the hour, Vlad, the proprietor, is delighted to provide tours of the various curiosities in his shop. If you don’t have time to explore Brandenburg’s surroundings, take a streetcar to Modellpark Berlin for a miniature tour of the neighborhood’s highlights. The Modellpark is home to several tiny structures, including the Siegessäule and the Reichstag, and instructive inscriptions on why we must understand them.

Press Preview For 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

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The most famous murals are still on the walls. The former Berlin Wall has been transformed into a 1.3-kilometer gallery commemorating the divided city. To experience the scale and majesty of the wall that divided the city in two, travelers go to the East Side Gallery, which is located immediately off Warschauer Strasse on the boundary of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Grab a beer and take a stroll through Berlin’s stormy recent past. It’s a famous venue to have a summer beer on the riverbanks so you won’t feel lonely.