Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Feb 06, 2023 ByAndrew Parker

Having the right appliances in your kitchen makes cooking easier, faster, and more fun. With the variety of high-tech and modern devices, knowing which ones you need can be challenging. Whether you are just starting to equip your first kitchen or replacing older appliances past their prime, here is a list of must-have kitchen appliances for any home cook. For most home cooks, cooking is not time-consuming, but prep work is. Chopping up dozens of ingredients before you can start cooking can be exhausting. This is where a food processor comes to your rescue. Food processor chop, puree, mix, and make the dough in minutes. This is a must-have in every kitchen as it can easily cut your prep time in half. Slicing onions, pureeing tomatoes and making dough have never been easier. This is one of the best home appliances as it can encourage you to eat more at home and save money on takeout. However, the blades are razor sharp, so keep children away from this appliance.

A microwave oven is an essential piece of equipment that should be on the list of electronic items in the kitchen. From heating dishes to baking, microwaves have become a staple in the kitchen appliance list. If you are always in a rush, microwaves may be your new best friend. You can cook, steam, and reheat leftovers in minutes. If you feel creative, you can experiment with microwave recipes to make cakes, bread, and more. The possibilities are endless.

sunlit kitchen interior showing microwave refrigerator, stove and dishwasher

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No one wants to wash the dishes after a long, hard day at work. Therefore, a dishwasher is an excellent option for every household. They are designed to clean and disinfect your dishes and dry them for your next cooking session. With functions such as delay start, economy wash, half-load wash, and disinfection, the dishwasher helps you clean your dishes thoroughly while using less water. A dishwasher can be expensive, depending on the brand you choose. However, many no-cost EMI options allow you to pay off the device in affordable monthly installments.