NASA Wins Valentine’s Day

NASA Wins Valentine’s Day

By Mason Craig - February 15, 2018


An unlikely hero has emerged in wake of Valentine’s Day 2018. While many look to celebrities and influential cultural figures to get some loving inspiration for the big day, one organization has risen above the rest as the true leader of the Valentine’s Day spirit: NASA.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration sent out a series of Valentine’s Day posts across social media, and it was epic.


NASA Voyager, the official account for two spaceships currently orbiting outer space, tweeted about the everlasting bond between humanity and infinity.



The official NASA account also tweeted out some heartwarming cards for users to give to their loved ones. 



NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined in on the fun, too. 



Even in cold times, NASA proves love can still keep us warm. 



One thing is for sure: NASA has won over the hearts of millions of people with their fun, funny, and romantic Valentine’s Day gestures. And don’t worry if you missed out on NASA’s romantic fun this year, because any day is a great day to celebrate love!


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