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Nobody Is An Island

Mar 20, 2022 ByRebecca Rodriguez

There’s the famous saying that no man is an island. Sometimes, we may feel compelled to perform things on our own without the assistance of others at times. This behavior can be freeing at times, but it can also leave you with a sense of loneliness and mild dread. When life throws us a curveball, it’s essential to lean on our friends and family for assistance. We have friends, family, and coworkers who are willing to help us. However, it may be tough to count on this support at times due to challenges that may have arisen in your prior or current relationships. On the other hand, our support system must be nurtured and grown. This article talks about some benefits of having a solid support system.

Having a support system creates this sense of belonging and community. From children to teenagers to adults, this sense of belonging helps us thrive and attain our full potential in whatever field we pursue.

A solid support system can sometimes act as a stress reliever. For example, venting and spending time with loved ones can make us feel less anxious and happier. Call a friend or family member to go for a stroll, hike, or yoga session when you need to de-stress. After a difficult day, having a solid support system might help us decompress.

Two best friends telling secrets lying in the grass


Support systems aid in the development of positive self-esteem. We feel better about ourselves when we have individuals we can rely on and rely on us for support. It’s nice to know that individuals are cheering us on from the sidelines and cheering those in our support system.

A robust support system is beneficial to our general physical health throughout our lives, particularly as we get older. In addition, it is helpful to our physical and emotional health to feel as if we are not alone.

You can build a support system by volunteering or trying new activities. The idea is to find and connect with people with similar interests as you.