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Online Airbnb Travel Experiences You Don't Want To Miss

Jul 04, 2020 ByClaire Miles

It pains our travel-lusting hearts to face the facts: no one is going to be traveling for quite a while. Coronavirus stay-at-home orders and worldwide lockdowns have changed virtually every aspect of modern human life. From the way we work our normal 9 to 5, to the way we keep in touch with family and friends, life is different. For anyone who had big summer travel plans, the disappointment and longing for normalcy is real. Most likely your days are spent staring at your refrigerator, scrolling through social media, and simply just trying to keep busy. As we look longingly at exotic locations that are a far distant dream, I have a suggestion. Maybe this period of time is a cool opportunity to try new things. What do we mean? Thanks to Airbnb’s new Online Experiences, you can still “get out there” and experience new things. So even though you can’t put your toes in the sand just yet, let’s talk about ways explorers like yourself can “travel” from home!

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The virtual travel experiences offer unique opportunities including workshops with Olympic medalists, virtual trips to Chernobyl, and cooking classes with people from around the world. The experiences offer the same activities you might have done of vacation, just safely at home instead. If you have a large group (let’s say coworkers) you can reserve a private experience and request a specific date for booking. Each experience is led by hosts from over 30 countries, who give participants access to their culture and traditions right in their very home. Bookings are open with more than 50 virtual experiences offered on Airbnb’s website. All experience range in price from $1 to $40 and will be hosted on Zoom.