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Organizing Food Storage Containers

Feb 18, 2023 ByAndrew Parker

Organizing food storage containers is a task that everyone dreads, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking some easy steps and learning the proper techniques, you can quickly turn your messy kitchen into an efficient one. Here are different ways to arrange storage containers so that their contents are easy to find and access. Keep reading for handy tips on organizing food storage containers more effortlessly than ever.

Large food containers with lids take up much space, so roll an under-shelf basket into your cupboard to gain extra space. Fill it with different food containers, then place them under the appropriate lids. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make the most of limited space. A wall file cabinet can be helpful outside the office if you use it to organize small kitchens. Hang one on a closet door and fill it with various hard-to-find food containers. This ensures that the lid is always on hand and that your little lids never end up at the bottom of a disorganized closet.

A small tension bar is a smart way to organize Tupperware. Extendable to fit almost any size drawer, preventing the lid from falling out of your hand. Stretch to one side across the width or depth of the drawer. Leave enough room on the side to stack multiple lids. Invest in some decorative drawer shelves to instantly create space and make room for your lids without clutter. Get different sizes, put them right in the same drawer, and easily store jars and lids in the correct compartments. This method keeps your food containers neat and prevents the lids from moving around in the drawers. You can also place your desktop mail organizer in a sliding closet to maximize space with its small, slim compartments. Use a food container lid and place containers by size toward the front of the cabinet. When planning how to organize your kitchen, do not be afraid to look to other rooms in your home for inspiration.