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Original Popcorn Recipes

Jul 28, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Popcorn flavors are no longer limited to butter, cheese, or barbecue. You can enjoy this all-time favorite movie night snack with various flavors, and these creative recipes will not just wow your taste buds into a burst of goodness but will blow your mind.

Parmesan ranch is a multi-flavored recipe comprising butter, parmesan cheese, dried herbs, and spices added to freshly popped corn. Parmesan gives the dish a great salty flavor. If you offer it to friends, I bet they won’t be able to identify the flavoring agent you used. They won’t stop eating it, to find out! Chocolate chips popcorn lets us combine two favorite snacks, bringing chocolate chips and popcorn into one bite.

Popped Nachos: This recipe is da bomb, with its ultimate five ingredients combo comprising butter, paprika, cumin, parmesan, and of course, popcorn. You need butter, honey, vanilla extract, and salt for your sweet and salty popcorn; this is one of my faves. The perfect combination that gives you spectacular crunchy popcorn. “Cookies and cream, everything real, every Oreo lover’s dream.” This recipe is not just tasty. It’s beautiful. Popcorn kernels are coated with white chocolate, sprinkled with cookies, and popped to greatness.

Popcorn drizzled with peanut butter sauce will surely steal your heart. Peanut butter special is another sweet and salty drizzle that will awe your taste buds. Most commonly served at concerts, Boozy is ideal for parties and is quite easy to prepare. Just replace sugar and butter with Margarita mix for your popcorn glaze easy peasy.
Salty and Sour: This simple yet exquisite flavor will tickle your taste buds; ensure to drizzle the kennels with white vinegar and salt and be ready to be blown away. An odd one to be on the list is pepperoni popcorn, which is popcorn and pizza. What could ever go wrong with these two? Nothing! Now, combine this two awesomeness into one tasty, crunchy goodness. All you need is cheese, tomato, basil, and oregano.