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Peeps Introduces Cookie Coops for Its Marshmallow Chicks

Feb 21, 2021 ByAndrew Parker

There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays what with the gifts and lights and sweet treats! Most of us look forward to that one time of year when we get to build gingerbread houses, but now with Peeps’ new Cookie Coop Kit, we can have fun with edible architecture during the spring too! Designed as an edible house for marshmallow Peeps, each kit includes the aforementioned candy, plus building materials like pre-baked sugar cookie wall paneling and pre-mixed icing that’s used to affix an array of pastel-colored candies. On top of that, there are sugar cookie chicken figures, in case you were wondering what Peeps think their product looks like when it grows up. Advertising “link & lock” technology, it sounds like building is (quite literally) a snap.

The Cookie Coop comes at a time when the edible DIY kit seems to be popping off. It’s easy to see why: Kids and parents alike are by now bored out of their minds at home, and offering children candy in exchange for working on a craft project that doesn’t involve staring at a screen makes for a fair trade. We’ve seen it with various Halloween kits themed around Oreos and M&M’s, and this new Peeps product represents an even more logical connection between kit and holiday.

You can already find the Cookie Coops at BJ’s, where they’re sold with enough supplies for two coops in case you wanted to engage in a little friendly competition. Given that Lent’s only just begun, you’ll no doubt find this at a wider array of retailers by the time Good Friday rolls around.

So between these Cookie Coops and the widespread return of Peeps themselves, Easter 2021 is already looking better than 2020, though, to be fair, that’s a pretty insanely low bar to clear.