Popular Seafood Dishes

Feb 01, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Seafood is one of the most versatile ingredients, nourishing and delicious no matter how you prepare it. Whether fresh-caught or sustainably farmed, seafood can be a healthy and decadent way to add flavor to your plate. Many cultures worldwide have enjoyed seafood for centuries; with its delicious flavors and abundant health benefits, it is easy to see why.

Here is the famous seafood that you should include in your diet. Shrimp are found worldwide, but they are prevalent in Southeast Asia and parts of Latin America. Shrimp can be prepared in many ways, including fried, grilled, boiled, and more! One popular dish combining shrimp and rice is called paella (pronounced ‘pie-ay-ah’), a Spanish rice dish that originated in Valencian cuisine. Paella is made with saffron (an expensive herb from Iran), seafood, and other ingredients, including chorizo sausage, bell peppers, and garlic. Shrimp are usually added to paella to add flavor and color to the rice.

A typical sushi dish is made with cooked rice, vegetables, and seafood rolled in the rice before it is eaten. Sushi can be found worldwide, but the traditional style of making sushi is in Japan. Sushi was believed to be a fermented rice pilaf, which was later developed into a delicacy by adding raw fish and seaweed. The word ‘sushi’ means ‘sour-tasting’ because the rice has been seasoned with vinegar. The most popular type of sushi is nigiri-sushi, which consists of a small portion of rice topped with some seafood or vegetables and wrapped in seaweed.

Lobster is one of the most popular types of seafood around the world. A lobster is a sea creature with claws and often can be dark red or purple. Eight different types of lobsters live in North America, but Maine is known for their soft-shell lobster, which has a delicate taste and texture compared to other lobsters. This lobster is often served with butter and lemon wedges at restaurants worldwide.