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Post Leg Day Stretch Routine

Jun 18, 2023 ByClaire Miles

The muscle cramps and soreness that proceed with a brutal leg day at the gym can drastically affect your motivation for movement. Effective results require consistency, which can only be practiced if the workout doesn’t interfere with your everyday activities. Around 7 minutes of relaxing the leg muscles can really prevent days of pain and movement fatigue.

The first stretch in the routine is called ‘Walk the dog.’ For this, stand up straight and then position your palms on the ground such that your body bends at the hips. Now make a walking motion with your toes while standing at the same spot, alternating between the two legs for 3 sets of 30 seconds.

For the second stretch, you need to position your body for a lunge. Alternate between the right and left leg, bending each leg at the knee and holding the other one straight at the back so your weight rest at the toes. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat according to your flexibility levels. Remember, do not overexert yourself in the procedure.

For the third stretch, you position your body such that you are standing on a starting line for a race. Referred to as the “runner’s stretch,” you position one leg such that your knee touches the floor and the other leg is set straight in front of you while both hands are placed on either side. Alternate between both the right and left leg for 30-second repetitions.

Flexible female athlete stretching in exercise room

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End the seven-minute routine by returning to the standing position. Part your legs significantly and bend to touch both feet in what is called the “wide-legged forward bend.” These stretches help increase flexibility and relax the glute and hip muscles and joints, which often become the points of stress and pain after an intense workout.