Professional Wedding Crashers Reveal Their Secrets

Jan 24, 2020 ByLaura Lee

Have you ever pictured yourself just sitting at a bar for a drink and then seeing a bunch of bridesmaids on their way to a wedding reception, or seeing the bride all dressed and ready outside a stunning church, and then you just casually decide to join in, acting as though you are a part of the crowd? Well, these expert wedding crashers can make all of your wildest dreams come true with their tried and true tips to getting in without getting noticed. Note: the intention of this article is to provide humor and entertainment to the reader, not to encourage any kind of inappropriate behavior. 

People raising lit sparkles while encircling bride and groom kissing

Via Pexels

One person says that honesty is the best policy. That if you stumble into a wedding, but you’re interesting and fun enough, people will want you to stay to dance and drink with them.  Other experts, however, believe that you should try to know at least one person.  It always helps, even if it’s the weirdest, most distant connection, like your mother’s cousin’s nephew twice removed. Most importantly, you should try to blend in.   Don’t show up late, because then you are more likely to get noticed, and don’t wear anything too bright or extravagant. Make sure that you don’t do anything silly, if you trip, fall, get too drunk, speak too loudly, or dance terribly, you will get noticed, and people will start to ask questions and try to figure out who in their right mind invited you to this wedding.

If it’s a huge wedding then it’s less of a big deal, but for a small one, it can very helpful to do your research prior.   Just bring an envelope that says To The Newlyweds, and leave it on the table.  Get all the details you might need about who the bride and groom are, it shouldn’t be so difficult to find.  It’s also beneficial to find out if there’s going to be table seating, and if there will be a floaters table that you can seat yourself at. Make sure to do your very best to play it cool, go to swanky hotels on summer Saturday nights,  come in a nice, standard color suit, bring a date or a friend, and then slowly find your way to the ballroom.  If you really want to go unnoticed, sit through the ceremony too, that way people will already assume that you’re an invited guest. Wedding crashing is no easy feat, but with the right preparation – it can be done!