Reasons To Add To Canada To Your Bucket List

Jun 16, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Canada is a country in North America with amazing landscapes, delicious food, and the best place to spend your vacations. Canada is the second-largest country by area after Russia. Its people are known as Indians, this name given by the Europeans who thought that this part was connected to the East Indies. Canada is the place to live as it provides a high standard of living with low taxes and a safe haven for people who migrate here.

Canada has the reputation of being one of the friendliest and most safe places for people of color to live. Its law strictly condemns racist and abusive people, that is the reason why many people chose to live here. This country also focuses on their education. 90 percent of the population has a High School Degree and of 66 percent have a Higher Education Degree.

High School is free for all students aged between 16 to 18. Top sights to visit in Canada are CN Tower which is an iconic tower with a revolving restaurant, Moraine Lake which is a sight to hold, and the Royal Ontario Museum with a huge range of culture and nature exhibits. This country offers many opportunities to grow, thrive, and prosper for its citizens and newcomers. It offers free health, education, and security to the citizens. Canada also offers globally recognized degrees and has a high rate of employment which attracts many people internationally.

Toronto Skyline at Sunset, Canada

Getty Images/Moment/Istvan Kadar Photography

The cost of studying is also not high in the pockets. Canada has a strong economy due to its abundant source of mineral sources which generate quite a GDP by exporting to other countries. Its people are known for their hospitality and kindness towards other people and are very tolerant towards other religions. Canada is a multicultural country with its own traditions and customs which make it unique.