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Reasons Why Greece Should Be On Your Bucket List

Jan 10, 2020 ByClaire Miles

There are a lot of hard choices we have to make in our lives. Luckily, choosing a vacation destination is one of the more pleasant struggles we’ll gladly face any day. Sure, there are hundreds of beautiful places to go to in the world, but there are also a hundred more reasons why Greece should by your next vacation. Greece will tick all the boxes on your perfect vacation checklist. Whether you’re looking for horseback riding on a mountain or hanging out on a beach, its thousands of islands will delight any vacationer. That is one of the coolest things about Greece: you can go there a hundred times and see something different each trip. The Greek archipelago comprises of 3,000 islands and islets, over 200 of which are inhabited. Each island has its own character and charm and all are worth visiting. But if you can’t choose which particular island you should visit then we recommend island hopping. Every day you wake up someplace new! For anyone who is indecisive, this is reason alone to choose Greece!

The Santorini sunsets, especially those in the area of Oia are among the world’s most beautiful. People from across the globe come to get married in front of the incredible sunset. Speaking of views, Greece’s breathtaking landscapes are just begging to be captured on camera and loaded onto your Instagram. From the lush forests, pristine beach, and rugged mountains, Greece has it all. The natural beauty is bound to blow you away. Its plethora of beaches is just calling your name.

With all these fun activities and views to see, you’re definitely going to get hungry! Greek food by itself is a good enough reason to visit! The prices are right and the portions are generous, so trust us, you definitely will not leave any place hungry. Greece is well known for its souvlaki, served either on a stick or wrapped up in a pita with yogurt sauce, tomato and onions.  Moussaka is another one of Greece’s famous and delicious dishes not to be missed. And after you’ve eaten and looking for some nightlife, head to the many nightclubs and bars that are open until the sun goes up!