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Rebel Wilson's New Look

Apr 26, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

The Australian actress just keeps serving with her gorgeous looks in the just concluded BAFTA awards. The Pitch Perfect star’s inner glow had everyone’s jaws dropping and noticing her confidence. She seemingly brought life back to the seated audience with her funny comments. Her weight loss journey began two years ago when she named 2020 her year of health. 

Years after stepping into the spotlight, Rebel decided to focus more on her health. She was proud of being the size she was or double or triple that size, but she had an issue with her overeating. As far as being paid to look bigger, that affects one’s psychology. She claims that on her weight loss journey her team was against it as they wondered why she wanted to change a look that was bringing in millions of dollars for her.

She embraced the imperfections of her weight loss journey. She did not turn into a workout beast to get to her desired weight. Instead, she worked on all angles of her health and took the grace of a day off or even eating food outside of her Mayr Method diet plan. Wilson understood her why, and it revolved around staying healthy before freezing her eggs for later childbirth. Also, the need to combat her emotional eating.

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She is thrilled with her progress, which is evident in her workout routine, which she says consists of mostly walking for about 60minutes for six days. She wrote on her Instagram, “even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going…it will be worth it. Try and give a little bit of effort each day.”

Rebel Wilson credits her weight loss journey to following the nutrition diet at VivaMayr, which threw away her 3000-calorie heavy carb diet, and to her trainer Jono Castano. She has lost about 77 pounds and is looking forward to maintaining her new healthier weight.