Restaurant Workers Reveal What Not To Order

Restaurant Workers Reveal What Not To Order

By - June 19, 2018

You’re sitting at a table in a restaurant and you’re starving, but you’re not sure what to order off of the menu.  Well, now thanks to the Internet, we can now have a backstage look at what really goes on behind the scenes and know what to order, and most importantly what not to order.


Soup: Apparently it never actually cools properly at night when in a large container, so it stays lukewarm for hours upon hours.


Cocktails with fruit:  The fruit in cocktails are usually never washed properly and are handled with the bartenders hands most of the time.  


Don’t eat from anywhere that has more than an 8 page menu:  If the menu is this long, it means that the foods are heated up in the microwave, or are boiled in plastic bags.


Vegetarian pizza:   It’s not actually vegetarian, there is animal fat in the sauce, it serves as a natural thickener.


Starbucks:   Don’t order from the secret menu, it will result in diabetes in a cup.  If there’s a specific drink you want, tell the barista to make it for you and make sure you know what’s in it.


Don’t get popcorn during the first showing:     That’s the popcorn from last night that’s been put into garbage bags and then reheated in the morning.


Cheese dip:   No matter how fancy schmancy it sounds, cheese dip is mostly just cream cheese and butter. It’s half of our daily caloric needs in just a small serving.


Soda with ice:  Studies have found that the ice in fast food chain’s machines has more bacteria than the toilets. Unlike toilets, ice machines are rarely cleaned.


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