Russian Politician’s Bizarre Hairstyle Went Viral

Russian Politician’s Bizarre Hairstyle Went Viral

By Mason Craig - March 7, 2018

Valentina Petrenko, a Russian senator has a political career that goes all the way back to the time of the former Soviet Union.  She’s had several different senior official jobs. But what she’s best known for is her hair.


Petrenko’s hair has been the main character of endless Russian memes on social memes, even recently even went viral internationally. People just can’t get enough of her wacky hairstyle.


There’s so much people are dying to find out about her hair, such as if it’s real or if it’s a wig, and how in the world does she make it stand up.  Perhaps the Russian government keeps all of their secret information up there.  At this point, the only thing that can be done is speculation, and unfortunately Peterenko is not so willing to discuss it.


She expresses that she is frustrated and tired from all the questioning about her hair, and that she simply has curly hair that has been lifted up with hair pins.   However, such a simple explanation for such an elaborate hairstyle does not seem to cut it, there’s got to be more to it.



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