Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About His Battle With Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About His Battle With Anxiety

By - May 9, 2018

Since the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Ryan Reynolds agreed to discuss his anxiety with the New York Times, explaining that he has dealt with anxiety his entire life.


It came as a surprise to most, since he seems like the guy that’s got everything going for him, a successful Hollywood career, a beautiful wife and family, and is known for his great sense of humor and good looks.  But truth be told, anxiety can affect anyone. Ryan had struggled with anxiety ever since he was a child. He believes that part of it is caused by his father, who was a police officer. Apparently he caused a lot of stress in the household.


Ryan however loved his father very dearly, and named his daughter after his father.  In the interview, it was revealed that Ryan becomes overwhelmed with nausea and dread before every talk-show appearance, convinced that he might even die.


So how in the world does he handle all the spotlight? He claims to find comfort in pretending to be someone else, and sees it as his greatest self-defense mechanism.  He also revealed that he practices meditation with an app in order to calm his nerves.


He is most certainly not alone in his struggle. Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in America, with more than 40 million adults affected annually.


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