Secrets From Destiny’s Child

Secrets From Destiny’s Child

By - June 20, 2018

Destiny’s Child R&B superstars released their first album in 1998, which is when we were all introduced to the legendary Beyonce Knowles. The group rose to fame during the late ’90s, however there was no shortage of drama throughout that happened behind the scenes of everything.  But as a result, they were left with some of their most epic songs.

Beyoncé Was Driving A Sports Car While LeToya Couldn’t Pay Her Rent…

When LeToya left the group, her manager apparently failed to pay her the dues he owed her. But according to the rest of the group, they deserved a bigger cut because they did all the singing. 


Beyoncé’s Parents Acted As Surrogates For Kelly Rowland..

Kelly from a family of alcoholic and abusive parents, and at a young age moved in with the Knowles family. Rumor even had it that Matthew Knowles was her real father. 


Mathew Knowles Gave Up His Job To Manage The Group And Had Money Issues…

Matthew, Beyonce’s father worked very hard to help Destiny’s Child succeed (which was first called Girls Tyme). He left his job selling medical equipment in 1995 in order to manage the group, however the lack of initial success caused financial problems for the family. 


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