Serena Williams & Meghan Markle’s Friendship

Serena Williams & Meghan Markle’s Friendship

By - July 24, 2018

36 year old tennis champion Serena Williams has been killing it in Wimbledon.  One of her closest friends, Meghan Markle was in the stands cheering her on, together with her sister in law, Kate Middleton.


Meghan and Serena met for the first time in 2010 at the Super Bowl, and since then they’ve been good friends. Meghan often attends Serena’s games at Wimbledon and at the US Open. Serena was also sitting right up front at her recent wedding to Prince Harry.


The two of them are both serious fans of hot sauce and love fashion. But according to Meghan, what really connects the two of them is their ‘belief in exceeding expectations” and their ”endless ambition”’.


Apparently the two of them hit it off right away, laughing their way through the football game, talking about typical girl stuff, rather than acting and tennis. Meghan admires Serena for her incredible ability to balance strength and sensitivity.


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