Seven Month Old Instagram Sensation

Seven Month Old Instagram Sensation

By - August 22, 2018

Some people work their entire lives to become noticed on social media. But one adorable Japanese baby managed to get a serious following of more than 70,000 people in Instagram in the mere first seven months of her life, thanks to her incredibly large and luscious hair.


Although she’s not the first baby to have been born with a full head of hair, hers continues to grow thicker and longer every single day.  At four months old, her mother decided to set up an Instagram account to document her daughters amazing hair, which gained thousands of followers in no time.


Her hair would even look impressive on a full grown adult, let alone a seven month year old baby.  BabyChanco is already making money from her Instagram fame with sponsors lined up to get tagged or mentioned in her posts.



At this rate, we might have ourselves a real life Rapunzel.




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