Shake Shack’s Tiramisu Shake

Shake Shack’s Tiramisu Shake

By - January 8, 2019

Although 2019 has just began, Shake Shack has already graced us with their latest addition for the New Year and to make our New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy and getting into shape all that much harder.


But if you’ve been crying over the loss of their Christmas Cookie Shake, then you will be overjoyed to hear that they’ve now introduced a Tiramisu Shake, and it’s 100 percent going to take you to heaven on earth. This cocoa powder, coffee, mascarpone and vanilla custard creation is without a doubt the company’s best thing yet, and is not to be missed by anyone that wants to enjoy life.


Some Twitter users however have had some serious feelings towards this new product, because the timing is pretty off when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. But truth be told, no one is really complaining.


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